Rowing down the Danube 2020

A challenging undertaking, rowing around 200 kilometres down a likewise challenging river, on the stretch between Linz and Vienna.  This time there are athletes who speak different languages and para-rowing athletes. However, the undertaking was successful last year and encouraged the coaches Riccardo Dezi and Giulia Benigni, President and Vice President of the Circolo Canottieri Tre Ponti member of the FIC-Federazione Italiana Canottaggio to attempt to row down the Danube with an INCLUSIVE and INTERNATIONAL group, which beside a Master’s crew from the club  included Italian and Austrian disabled athletes, mainly visually impaired or blind, and formed a total of 4 crews of 8 with cox who were  followed by the organisers and coaches throughout the trip in two supporting motor boats.  25% of the crews in the regatta will be composed of para-rowers.

The support of FONDAZIONE TERZO PILASTRO-INTERNAZIONALE is fundamental for the complex organization.  The Chair of the Foundation, Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, strongly believes that the non-profit sector is the only valid alternative to the crisis of the State and the Market in meeting the needs of the community.  His foundation works in the fields of Health, Scientific Research, Aid to the Underprivileged, Education and Art and Culture and also as acts as a trait d’union between Mediterranean cultures. Always aware of the importance of spreading the highest values of sport such as social inclusion and solidarity, this year he chose to support the undertaking of the Circolo Canottieri 3 Ponti which refers to and puts those values in practice.

Professionalism at the service of a complex undertaking. Dezi and Benigni are European level 4 rowing technicians and constantly row with disabled and able-bodied athletes.  Riccardo Dezzi is the Technical Director of the Para rowing sector of the Circolo Canottieri Aniene and coach of the PR3 crew that won a bronze medal at the World Rowing Championships held in Sarasota in 2017 composed of Paola Protopapa, Lucilla Aglioti, Tommaso Schettino and Luca Agoletto.  The Circolo Canottieri 3 Ponti is also engaged in the competitive Para-rowing activities of Marco Carapacchio and Daniela De Blasis for the Asd.  Para rowing aims to improve the quality of life of the athletes and their families.

The regatta was held in five stages for a total of almost 200 kilometres. It officially started on Tuesday the 28th of July from Linz for 55 km ending at Grein.  On Wednesday 29th of July the athletes rowed the 45 km to Melk.  On Thursday the 30th of July the third stage of only 25 km ended at Durnstein.  On Friday the 31st of July, the crews rowed from Durnstein to Tulln 45km away.

On the morning of Saturday the 1st of August, the group boarded to contend the last stage of 30km to Vienna.

The Para-rowing crew and their escorts

  1. Luca Agoletto
  2. Richard Sellinger
  3. David Erkinger
  4. Marco Carapacchio
  5. Claudia Rauch
  6. Paola Pomponi
  7. Giusy Nuzzo
  8. Daniele Stefanoni

Tim. Florian Kremslehner

On the 1st of August the boats landed at the Donauhort Ruderverein, the rowing club of the Austrian athletes who participated in the regatta.  A party to celebrate relief and the pleasure of rowing and of all sports when they meet goals that are far more important than winning.