Message from the Chair
From a Welfare State to a ‘Civil’ Welfare model
Fondazione Terzo Pilastro and the role of the Mediterranean region.

Third Pillar: the non-profit world is the only valid alternative to the Crisis of the State
and the market and to meet the community’s inevitable needs.

Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale operates in the fields of Health, Scientific Research, Aid to the Underprivileged, Education, Art and Culture and acts as a trait d’union between Mediterranean cultures. Since the Foundation was established, as I suggested, for the purpose of paying more attention to the neglected regions of Southern Italy and the Maghreb and to boost philanthropy in the Near and Middle East, most of its activities are performed in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean Region because it… >>

The Paladins Revive the Children’s Hospital in Palermo

On the occasion of the completion of the artistic remodelling of the entrance hall and passageways of the Children’s hospital G. Di Cristina, on the 12th of July at 11.30 a.m. in the presence of the Councillor of Culture Adham Darawsha,

From Alghero to California the youths who change Europe

A public multi-functional area where scholars may study and perform extracurricular activities. This idea won a group of young Algherans a training course on social innovation and technology in Silicon Valley.

Professor Emanuele awarded Leone d’argento for lifetime achievement at Narnia Festival

Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, Chairman of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale, whose instrumental foundation Fondazione Cultura e Arte supports the Narnia Festival

“I am inspired by poetry and I try to help people with Alzheimer’s disease”

They used to call him a ‘socialist baron’ since he was a friend of Giuseppe Saragat and other socialists and social democrats.  Actually, Emmanuele Emanuele has always had many friends and admirers from all social classes and political parties.

Rowing down the Danube under the banner of inclusion

The 300 km tour down the River Danube from Vienna to Budapest started on the 23rd of July 2019. This is a challenging undertaking both mentally and physically for the rowers. Then if Para-Rowing athletes come forward too, this sport event, which has been enjoyed for the past two years, takes on a new significance under the banner of inclusion and sport as an opportunity for all.

The last of the patrons of the arts becomes a film

The documentary film that Guido Talarico dedicated to Emmanuele Emanuel was presented at the Macro Asilo. The Chairman of Fondazione Roma affirmed, “Culture is the clean energy that could change the face of the world.”