Message from the Chair
From a Welfare State to a ‘Civil’ Welfare model
Fondazione Terzo Pilastro and the role of the Mediterranean region.

Third Pillar: the non-profit world is the only valid alternative to the Crisis of the State
and the market and to meet the community’s inevitable needs.

Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale operates in the fields of Health, Scientific Research, Aid to the Underprivileged, Education, Art and Culture and acts as a trait d’union between Mediterranean cultures. Since the Foundation was established, as I suggested, for the purpose of paying more attention to the neglected regions of Southern Italy and the Maghreb and to boost philanthropy in the Near and Middle East, most of its activities are performed in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean Region because it… >>

“I am inspired by poetry and I try to help people with Alzheimer’s disease”

They used to call him a ‘socialist baron’ since he was a friend of Giuseppe Saragat and other socialists and social democrats.  Actually, Emmanuele Emanuele has always had many friends and admirers from all social classes and political parties.

Studying between the two shores of the Mediterranean to build a bridge between cultures

“Good evening and welcome to this great event to which, I believe, we should attach importance. I am delighted to be here again to take stock of the first months of activity and illustrate the next stages of the ‘Mediterranean Project’ that Fondazione Mediterraneo – Diritto allo Studio Luiss Guido Carli, chaired by myself, launched last May and is earnestly carrying out.

The Last Philanthropist “Art, Music and Poetry: Fondazione Roma has revived culture in Italy and the world”

Chairman Emmanuele Emanuele: “We were the only ones to emancipate from the banks and, unlike the other institutions,  we do not feel the crisis.  I am committed to the less fortunate.

A ‘Journey in Sicily’ by Francesco Amico

The exhibition titled ‘Viaggio in Sicilia (Journey in Sicily), promoted by Fondazione Cultura e Arte, an instrumentality of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale chaired by Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, may be admired until the 30th of March 2019 at the Galleria Lombardi in Palermo.

Professor Emanuele appointed Ambassador to Palermo Culture nel Mondo

On Monday the 4th of February at 11 a.m. in Saint Crispin’s Church, Palermo adjacent to the Biblioteca di Casa Professa, greeted by the Director of the Servizio Sistema Bibliotecario Spazi Etnoantropologici e Archivio Cittadino Eliana Calandra, in the setting of the presentation of the ‘Fondazione Cultura e Arte per Ballarò’ project curated by  Paolo Falcone  – where the Foundation led by Professor  Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele donated the artwork  Genealogia di Damnatio Memoriae, Palermo 1947 – 1992  by the artists Goldschmied & Chiari

Ritratti di Poesia 2019: poetry and society

The contemporary international and Italian poetry show, Ritratti di Poesia (Portraits of Poetry), designed in 2006 by Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, Chairman of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale that promotes and organises the event through Fondazione Cultura e Arte, was held for the thirteenth year running at the Temple of Hadrian – the ‘salon of Rome’ – on Piazza di Pietra.

Sportello della Solidarietà

The Sportello della Solidarietà was created for the purpose of encouraging and supporting the accomplishment of social projects based on the values of solidarity, mutual aid, social inclusion and the promotion of underprivileged groups. Non-profit organisations may apply for grants for projects in the following fields Health;Education and Training;  Art and Culture; Scientific Research; Aid to the Underprivileged READ MORE >>