The purpose of Poema S.p.A. is to promote and accomplish high-level artistic and cultural projects of a commercial nature in Italy and abroad. In order to pursue its corporate purpose this company manages exhibition spaces in Italy and abroad and organises visual arts, museum and dancing events with an economic return.

The activity of Poema S.p.A., is part of a wider philanthropic project, launched and carried out over the past twenty years by Fondazione Roma initially and then by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale through its operational branches, Fondazione Roma Arte – Musei and currently Fondazione Cultura e Arte, respectively.

The Museum of Palazzo Cipolla situated on the central Via del Corso in Rome, that was planned by Professor Emanuele and has been open for over twenty years, represents the most important structural project accomplished by the group in the field of culture. ubicato nella centrale Via del Corso a Roma, voluto dal Presidente Prof. Emanuele e attivo da oltre vent?anni.

The mission of Poema S.p.A. is inspired by the basic assumption that the various forms of art and culture play a leading role in integral personal development, the achievement of shared values and solidarity and the formation of a collective conscience, eliminating the differences and settling conflicts in support of social inclusion and a constructive dialogue between the various nations.

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