March 15th-16th-17th 2024 - Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone - Rome

The event was organized with participation of the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Internazionale and Poema S.p.A.


The Les Étoiles gala, with art direction by Daniele Cipriani, will be staged in Rome on March 15th  (9 pm),  March 16th (two performances: 4:30 pm and 9 pm), and March 17th (4:30 pm) at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone, as part of the collaboration between Daniele Cipriani Entertainment and Fondazione Musica per Roma. Petipa’s spirit will enlighten the great S. Cecilia hall, where this important international dance presentation will be held, since many of his choreographies will be performed. Nijinsky might also enlighten the atmosphere, since many étoiles will be present from four continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas). An insight into  the worldly excellence of ballet.

The following artists are expected: Bakhtiyar Adamzhan (Opera of Astana), Sergio Bernal (Sergio Bernal Dance Company, will perform on the 15th and 16th), Maia Makhateli (Het Nationale Ballet of Amsterdam), Daniil Simkin (portrayed "in flight" on posters seen throughout the capital, étoile of the American Ballet Theatre), Roman Mejia (New York City Ballet) and Catherine Hurlin (American Ballet Theatre), Alessandro Frola and Madoka Sugai (Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier), Claudia García Carriera and Dani Hernández (Ballet Nacional de Cuba). Finally, Isaac Hernández will dance alongside two surprise étoiles: Alina Cojocaru (dancing on the 17th), and Fernanda Oliveira (the company they work with is the English National Ballet).  Cojocaru and Hernández will dance Marguerite and Armand by Frederick Ashton, in which Vladimir Derevianko, former principal dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre (after which a long international career followed), will make a cameo appearance. Also worthy of note is Giada Rossi’s (Compañía Nacional de Danza de Madrid) debut in Rome. The new Italian "glory" abroad.

Les Étoiles is proposed as a "Gala of inclusivity", with the presence of Leroy Mokgatle (Staatsballett Berlin) – a gender nonconforming  dancer who questions the rigid gender roles in ballet – and with the celebrated protagonist of the Lutz Förster dance theater himself, in a tribute to Pina Bausch,  whose 15th anniversary of death is this year. Förster will perform the sign language version of the song, The Man I Love, by George and Ira Gershwin, and Stück (Piece), which was part of Bausch's famous work, Nelken (1982). He will be joined by the other male stars of the gala to whom he will teach the "signs" of sign language, therefore, creating an enchanting elegant choreography. The manifesto of Les Étoiles.