Art, Environment and Landscape with the artist Bellobono

The Linea 1201 project, a travelling residency programme by the artist Angelo Bellobono started on the 22nd of June at the Capanna Moulin on the top of Monte Marrone in the Mainarde massif between Lazio and Molise, which from June to September will stop at four “Base Camps” selected as significant places of geological diversity and their characteristic geographic and symbolic positioning.

The Linea 1201 project is promoted by the Associazione Atla(s) association Now, curated by Visual Arts Production and produced with the contribution of Fondazione Cultura e Arte, an instrumentality of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale, chaired by Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, who stated, “The relationship between art and the landscape – especially in a country like ours blessed with an exceptional biodiversity – the result of  thousands of years of history during which the different civilizations and cultures that succeeded and intersected each other in its structure constituting its cultural identity, is something valuable that really must be enhanced.  This is why Fondazione Cultura e Arte, espoused Angelo Bellobono’s project, which during this post-health emergency period assumes the added value of totally sustainable art that everybody may enjoy outdoors, with no restrictions arising from the COVID-19 safety protocols.  The route traced by Linea 1201is important too, moving from the Basilicata region to Bologna, passing through Amatrice, a place of great symbolic value, in a kind of ideal cultural link between North and South that unravels along the Apennines, the object of research and artistic representations that draw on the experience of the great nineteenth-century vedutisti.”

Between summer and autumn 2020, the travelling residences by Angelo Bellobono will pass through the Apennines in four stages to investigate and recount the Italian highlands through art, in conversation with other artists, experts and devotees.  Along the route the artist will produce a new pictorial series in which the en plein air practice of the great nineteenth century painters will be the key to narrate hidden Italy and promote the idea of slow cultural tourism which has inevitable become more urgent to foster.      A book edited by NOS, gathering reflections on the experience and an account of the landscape, will be published at the end of the project by viaindustriae publishing.