The Mediterranean: Gateway to the East

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Mediterraneo: Porta d?Oriente

The Mediterranean: Gateway to the East

The Mediterranean, crossroads and meeting point between East and West, cultures and religions, art and solidarity.

The growing interest in the Mediterranean Region shows it is gaining centrality in economic, political, but also and above all, cultural terms.

In this context, the Foundation decided to promote the International Conference ‘Mediterraneo: Porta d’Oriente (Mediterranean: Gateway to the East)’, held in Palermo on the 13th and 14th of May 2010, with the aim of providing an original and unprecedented contribution to the ongoing debate, by involving experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and intellectuals.

The conference focused on several specific issues concerning the current reflection on the Mediterranean Region, starting from its borders, which are bound to be increasingly extended to include, in addition to the coastal countries, the Middle East, the Gulf region, up to Iraq and Iran, with the idea of ​​a Greater Mediterranean as a new opening towards the Middle and Far East.

The tools deployed to counter the still widespread presence of poverty and social hardship were also examined, starting from the promotion of solidarity networks up to the emergence of forms, even new, of assistance and Islamic finance.

Finally, the role of culture and art as potential carriers of integration was examined, in order that the Mediterranean Basin may continue to represent a region of wealth and growth for the contemporary civilization, through dialogue.