One year after his death, Emilio Leofreddi’s anthological exhibition in Rome

On the first anniversary of the Roman artist’s death (1958-2023), Emilio Leofreddi’s works are celebrated through an exhibition at the WeGil in Rome, visible from May 31st to August 31st, 2024.
The exhibition – curated by Giuseppe Stagnitta, with the collaboration of the Emilio Leofreddi Archive and with the contribution of Amnesty International Italy – is sponsored by the Lazio Region, in collaboration with LAZIOcrea, and produced by the Clode Art Gallery with the participation of the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro - Internazionale and Poema.
The project, which is promoted by the Regional Department of Culture, includes the exhibition of over 150 works – paintings, drawings, installations, videos, notes, photographs – that, through a thematic and informal presentation, narrate the works and life of the artist, from the 1990s until his death. (The exhibition also includes three videos, Im Media, Contact, and Chaos acquired by Palazzo Esposizioni in Rome.)
Chronologically structured, the exhibition touches on themes that the artist has always kept alive, by elaborating and reworking them continuously, allowing us to become more familiar with his personality and existential approach, which have lived in close contact with his poetics in art.
Born in 1958, Emilio Leofreddi was a vital and dynamic artist, who was always on the move and constantly involved with new travel projects, which he faced as an artistic experience and as knowledge. Journeys, dreams, oneiric imagery are the central themes of his poetics: continuing to dream, cultivating the hope of a different world, is as necessary as breathing. Having people travel beyond goods without borders. “We are citizens of the world.” A world without prevarications. A world in which the color “black” has the same specific weight as the color “white”. A world made of peace and respect for others, of oneself, and the acceptance of foreigners, of what is “different”. A world of true experiences, of genuine communication, of creativity, of faith in awareness as a tool and as a purpose, where mobility means living in harmony with the inevitable, namely, what is inevitable in oneself.
During the time the exhibition will be on display, a calendar of public events will also be organized, designed to offer a more complete and in-depth interpretation of the artist's life, his works, and his connection with the world of Contemporary Art.
The exhibition catalogue was edited by Mainz Publisher. The Emilio Leofreddi Archive will also be presented, curated by his daughter, Asia Leofreddi, and his wife, Marina Mesnic.

Title: Emilio Leofreddi
Location: WEGIL - Trastevere, Largo Ascianghi n° 5, Rome

Open to the public: May 31st to August 31st, 2024

ADMISSION: 9 Euros, reduced: 7 Euros
The exhibition is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.