The museum

Identity and Mission

The Museo Fondazione Roma was established as the Museo del Corso in 1999 upon the initiative the Chair of Fondazione Roma, professor Emmanuele F.M. Emanuele, who firmly believes that art and culture play a leading role in fostering the comprehensive development of society by bringing together people who often tend to be divided by their socioeconomic status, race, political opinion and religious creed.

Art and culture are capable of bridging the divisions since they create a common code through which all the barriers are demolished. The Foundation’s museum intends to be a tool for the promotion of this universal language: not just an exhibition area in which the community may enjoy art but also a centre in which to socialize and share experience. This is the identity which the Museum has, in time, successfully built through a series of events held in parallel with the exhibitions, such as meetings related to specific themes, concerts, shows, poetry reading and events for children and less fortunate citizens.

A Museum that seeks social inclusion and the comprehensive development of the community and, whilst taking care to enhance the past of the city of Rome and its heritage, which has no equal in the world, is nonetheless open to International and National contemporary art trends, as demonstrated by the various exhibitions held to date which have sanctioned the Museum as being one of the most authoritative and dynamic institutions in the global cultural scenario.

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