The guide entitled I Borghi più Belli del Mediterraneo

borghi-belli-mediterraneo_ridotti_1The guide entitled I Borghi più Belli del Mediterraneo, (The most beautiful villages in the Mediterranean), published with the support of the Foundation, was presented on the 2nd February 2012 in the headquarters of the National Tourist Board, ENIT. The event was attended by ENIT’s CEO, Mauro Bruschini, the Chairman of the association ‘I borghi più belli d’Italia, Fiorello Primi, and the Director for Calabria – Foundation, Rinaldo Chidichimo. The guide, edited by Claudio Bacilieri, describes fifty-three villages in four Mediterranean countries: Croatia, France, Italy and Spain. The spots are largely untouched by mass tourism and are capable of indicating a way to sustainable development saving the heritage of the Mediterranean civilization.