Contemporary Art in the Maghreb

arte_contemporanea_maghreb di Maria Laura Perilli

In order to continue the publishing activity that began with the volume “Arte e Cultura del Mediterraneo nel XX secolo (Art and Culture in the twentieth Century Mediterranean)” the Foundation has published a book by the very young author Maria Luisa Perilli, L’Arte Contemporanea del Maghreb (Contemporary Art in the Maghreb).
This book analyses the interaction between Western artists and those from the Maghreb and the reciprocal influence on their artistic production.
The Mediterranean, cradle of all civilizations, is a meeting point in which differences are a wealth.
The variety of cultures is the very essence of the Mediterranean civilization, even though the people that live on the opposite shores of this sea seem to have forgotten their common origins. The Foundation intends to enhance the role played by art as a vehicle capable of ferrying nations towards the goals of integration and peaceful cohabitation.