Portraits of Poetry

3rd of February

Ritratti di Poesia 2017PRESS RELEASE

Ritratti di Poesia (Portraits of Poetry) 2017, all the verses of nature in a day

The eleventh annual revue «Ritratti di Poesia» will be held in Rome on the 3rd of February in the Hall in the Temple of Hadrian owned by the Chamber of Commerce.  Traditional rendezvous promoted by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro.  The main themes will be the environment and landscapes.

Verses recited to the sound of a harp, harmony in words and gestures, great international authors and other events will be found in the eleventh ‘Ritratti di Poesia’ to be held on the 3rd February, the day that Fondazione Terzo Pilastro will dedicate to the purest, albeit less considered, art of all.  Ten hours, from morn to eve, in which meetings, discussions, readings, ideas, verses and voices will be held or heard in the hall in the Temple of Hadrian owned by the Chamber of Commerce in Rome, located on Piazza di Pietra and attended by important poets from Italy and abroad and young white hopes.

Ritratti di Poesia, planned and established in 2006 by the Chairman of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, Professor Emmanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele, has for many a winter, marked a date on the calendar of devotees of the poetic literary genre.

Professor Emanuele commented that, “The tenth anniversary of Ritratti di Poesia was celebrated in 2016 and will follow its course this year too, thus confirming that this is unmissable annual rendezvous in Rome’s cultural panorama”.  The professor added “ This project, which was established as an exclusive meeting between experts and devotees of this genre, has grown revue after revue and has become renowned and much awaited by the great Roman audience and an event that attracts an international audience too.  All of this started due to my personal belief that poetry in Italy could be just as enjoyable and popular as other artistic forms (visual arts, cinema, theatre, music, dancing) by holding an annual meeting capable of enriching the cultural offering both in the city and the country in an original way.  In recent years we have involved and increasing number of schools, encouraged the diffusion of contemporary poetry amongst youths, created fascinating events which blended poetry with other artistic expressions and helped the most significant and active foreign poets to become known in Italy and Rome in order to spread the culture of poetry universally, a form of art for which I have a flair and a passion.  The public’s and critics’ reception is very encouraging and prompts us to follow the course we have taken with even more enthusiasm and persuasion”.

The revue will open at 09:30 by renewing the successful alliance with schools.  During the session, titled ‘Dear Poet’, the students from five Roman institutes will meet several important poets (Franco Buffoni, Maria Grazia Calandrone, Elio Pecora, Rosa Pierno, Claudio Damiani and Luigia Sorrentino).

The Poetry Slam (a poetry contest in which entrants compete with each other by reciting their work and are awarded points by the audience), which was introduced two years ago, will follow.  Poetry Slams were founded in America as a form of street art for the purpose of making poetry popular again.  The Slam will be emceed by Lello Voce, who brought Poetry Slams to Italy and acted as Master of Ceremony last year too.

One of the highlights of the day, focused on nature and the environment, will be the performance by Francesco Benozzo, who was the people’s choice as the most deserving Nobel Prize winner 2016 on the Swedish Academy’s official website and is almost the only reciter of epic literature representing (geological, mythological and physical) landscapes and interprets his texts accompanied by a harp.

Equally interesting and unusual: the reading by Tiziano Fratus, author of books of prose and poetry, who coined the concept of Homo Radix, treeology and dendrosophy which define his existence.  Inspired by Holy minimalism or mystic minimalism, he meditates in nature everyday and his voice has been chosen by the Versopolis platform, which unites the best European poetry festivals.

A fascinating event full of pathos will be held mid-afternoon when the short film ‘Mondi Concentrici (Concentric Worlds)’ will be screened.  The film transposes the texts of the most significant poems written, in the course of time, by Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele – which the Chinese Master of arts, Professor Wang Huangsheng (Director of the CAFA Museum in Beijing transferred to paintings on paper – into images, recitals and music.  The video is signed by and interpreted by the high calibre actors Edoardo Siravo, Daniela Poggi, Roberta Marcucci, Gabriella Casali and Antonio Prisco.

The performance by Erika Lemay, ‘Physical Poetry’, is highly awaited.  This world-renowned artist and acrobat, who moves her body like poetry, often appears as a guest star in the most important events produced by the Cirque du Soleil, which was founded in Quebec, Canada where she was born.  This magnificent performer has pursued perfection throughout her life to ensure that the audience focuses on the harmony and eloquence of her original performance and thus divert its attention from the intrinsic difficulties and dangers.

Poetry will be read in dialect languages this year too.  The leading poets in the session, ‘Language and Languages” will be Francesco Di Stefano, who satirises politics and customs reciting his sonnets in Romanesco and Anna Cristina Serra who writes her pomes in the Sardinian language.

Vénus Khoury-Ghata (Lebanon), G. Mend- Ooyo (Mongolia) and Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir (Iceland) will be the leading poets in the meetings focused on international poetry.

The Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Ritratti di Poesia prizes will be conferred by the Chairman, Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele to the winner of the Italian group, Giuseppe Conte, a renowned author (who was sent by UNESCO to represent Italy in the World Institute for Opera and Poetry) and founder of the Mitomodernismo movement and the winner of the international group, Ko Un, the most important South Korean poet, who is globally regarded as one of the most representative figures of poetry (thrice Nobel Prize in Literature nominee) and an artist highly engaged in the fight for Human Rights (he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured during the nineteen-seventies).

The will also be a slot to explore the relationship between words and figurative art via readings inspired by Piero della Francesca, drawn from a publishing project edited by the artist Dana Prescott.  Fernanda Mancini will then illustrate the artistic project Liquefare l’immobile that arouse from the convergence between her painting, the poetry written by the Chinese poet Gu Cheng and the music composed by Peng Yin.

The other Italian guest poets in the all day meeting, spilt into nine slots, titled ‘From Pen to Pen’, will be: Alessandro Fo, Lucianna Argentino, Carlo Bordini, Mario De Santis, Rossella Tempesta, Alessandro De Santis, Simone Di Biasio, Antonietta Gnerre, Cinzia Marulli, Pasquale Vitagliano, Antonella Bukovaz, Giovanna Marmo, Italo Testa, Giuseppe Langella, Vittoria Fonseca, Biagio Cepollaro, Sonia Gentili, Alessandro Ceni, Rosita Copioli and Stefano Dal Bianco.

The programme includes the conferral of the National Prize and the European Prize to the winners of the ‘Ritratti di Poesia.140”, which were introduced in 2014 in order to acknowledge that verses may be written even in the Age of Twitter, in texts no longer than the 140 characters that distinguish this mode of communication.

The publishing houses Donzelli and Gaffi and the journals Argo and Voce Romana will attend the meeting ‘Paper Ideas’.

The event is open to the public free of charge and will close at 19:30.

The revue has been promoted and organised by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo in association with InventaEventi and curated by Vincenzo Mascolo.

Information and Programme: www.fondazioneterzopilastrointernazionale.it and www.inventaeventi.com.


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