A new award for the Talent Prize

from the website insideart.eu

As from this year the competition promoted by Inside Art will include a new accolade named after Chairman Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele. A new piece of magic has been pulled out of the hat of the Talent Prize: the Emmanuele Emanuele Special Award for Contemporary Art. We are delighted because we suggested it and have in fact strengthened a long-term relationship, that ties the Talent Prize, which I established eleven years ago, to a man and an institution that constantly support the world of culture like few others do. However this is not the only reason.The establishment of the Emanuele Award under the aegis of the Talent Prize intends to be a tribute to him, the Professor whose curriculum vitae is 60 pages long. Emanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele, Baron of Culcasi, Noble of the Marquises of Villabianca, university professor, Supreme Court lawyer, economist, banker, expert in financial, tax and insurance issues, essayist, renowned sportsman and chairman of I do not know how many institutions is an “anti” man. His intellectual and financial independence allows him to speak his mind on all occasions. What he thinks, which is almost always the truth that listeners often dislike and makes him unpopular with the left and right political establishment. We are delighted to have created an award bearing the name of the historic chairman of Fondazione Roma because, like it or not, he is the man who has given concrete and constant support to the world of art, health and those in need. Bear in mind that Fondazione Roma is a charitable institution capable of donating sixty million euro per year due to the ability of the Chairman and not as an ex voto.

A small foundation, child of a likewise small savings bank, was transformed into a large philanthropic institution due to Emanuele. Emanuele fortunately sensed in time that the holdings in the bank should be sold. The Foundation’s considerable net worth is due to this fundamental decision. The Foundation also has an exceptionally effective financial management system owing to Emanuele. In conclusion, Emanuele was never handed anything on a plate and he did what he did because he is a man with entrepreneurial skills and a strategic vision. However, these are not the reasons why I am delighted to have suggested the establishment of the Emanuele Award. I am even happier to know that he will be among youths and emerging talents through our prize. When we send him the list of contestants I know he will examine them one by one and then, as usual, make his choice quite independently. I like having him with us in the capacity as talent scout because this role captures his poetic soul, his being a hunter of emotions and his most intimate side. I am pleased to have involved him since the only times I saw he was moved was when he spoke of his parents and while he was in front of the greatness of beauty and there is beauty aplenty amongst the artists running for the Talent Prize.