The overwhelming art of Alsoudani in Rome for the first time

‘In Between’ is a major retrospective of the career of Ahmed Alsoudani, an American artist born in Iraq.   Curated by Mary Angela Schroth, the exhibition gathers together circa forty works created by this artist from 2002 to date, including, new paintings from his studio, a selection of important works on paper and a more recent painted bronze sculpture. The exhibition also marks the artist’s debut in Rome after participating in the 24th Venice Biennale, Iraq Pavilion in 2011.

The exhibition, designed together with the Marlborough Gallery, has been promoted by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale chaired by Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele (who believes the artist is the ideal interpreter of his own inspirational philosophy based on a productive interaction between the West and the Middle and Far East in the name of comprehension and inclusion) and produced by Poema S.p.A. with the organisational support of Comediarting and Arthemisia.

The expressive exploration of Ahmed Alsoudani, a naturalised American, uses the communicative power of art as a tool to break down the social and cultural barriers and in prospect the ethnic and religious ones too.  The exhibition starts with his first experiences where the horror of war affects his works until, in time and due to distance, he explores pain in a more modulated and meditated way, leading him to make further progress in the long term.

Drawing, especially the concept of sketching, is at the centre of Alsoudani’s work, a physical and primitive action that involves the body and directs thoughts and experiences directly to the surface of the painting.     The vigorous traces of charcoal and pencil on the unprimed canvas are the first experiences that subsequently lead to the exploration of the colours that complement the work.

Professor Emmanuele Emanuele, Chairman of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale commented, “The art of Ahmed Alsoudani has a high impact, it affects the feelings and imagination and occasionally even disturbs the viewers like only art that communicates something is able to do.  Alsoudani couples his reflections on themes on life and death, resulting from the fact that he lived through two wars during his youth, with a research on contemporary society and people’s pace of life, which in their own way are ‘violent’ and depersonalizing too.”

The historian and art critic, Gabriele Simongini, who contributed to the catalogue, affirmed, “In Alsoudani’s works a paroxysmal state of real delusion, which empathetically involves and overwhelms the viewer, powerfully emerges from the amniotic space of the proliferating forms.”

The catalogue, published by Gli Ori Editori Contemporanei, will contain texts by Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, Mary Angela Schroth and Gabriele Simongini as well as an interview between the artist and Peter Halley, an internationally renowned artist.


  • Exhibition Venue    Rome, Palazzo Cipolla, Via del Corso, 320. 
  • Exhibition Duration    26th March 2020 – 20th September 2020
  • Promoting Institution    Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale
  • Organising Institution    Poema Spa


Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 > 20:00 hrs
(Ticket Office closes at 19:00 hrs)

Month of August Tuesday to Sunday 15:00 > 20:00 hrs
(Ticket Office closes at 19:00 hrs)


  • Full € 8,00
  • Reduced € 5,00 – youths under 26, senior citizens over 65, members of the Italian Police and Armed forces with service ID, university students with proof of status, journalists with ID, holders of passes issued under special agreements: (Fai, La Feltrinelli, Biblioteche di Roma, Touring Club Italiano, LUISS).
  • Free Tickets – Children under 6, disabled visitors and a companion, one guide for each booked group, members of ICOM, Tourist Guides licenced by the Region Lazio (one entrance only). 


Sunday 12th April: 15:00 > 20:00 hrs;
Monday 13th April: 10:00 > 20:00 hrs;
Saturday 25th April: 10:00 > 20:00 hrs;
Friday 1st May: 10:00 > 20:00 hrs;
Tuesday 2nd June: 10:00 > 20:00 hrs;
Saturday 15th August: 15:00 > 20:00 hrs. 

Entrance procedures

Time slots: groups 30 minutes.
One group of no more than 25 people may enter each time slot.
Time slots of 15 minutes each for individuals.

The exhibition ticket includes: cloakroom, suitcases/bags.


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  • Online – YES


OTHER FACILITIES: disabled accessibility, bookshop, baggage room, toilet

  • WHEELCHAIR AVAILABILITY AND APPLICATION FOR USE: by telephone or at the ticket office.

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Reaching the Exhibition 

The entrance to the Exhibition is in Via del Corso 320

The exhibition hall of Palazzo Cipolla is located in the historical centre of Rome on the ancient road that connects two of its most famous squares, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia, where the stately mansions of great Roman families and the headquarters of the city’s oldest and prestigious institutions stand.

The Museum is within walking distance from the following underground stations and bus stops:

  • UNDERGROUND: line A – exit Spagna or Barberini

  BUS ROUTES: 51 – 62 – 63 – 81 – 83 – 85 – 117 – 160 – 492 – 628 (Via del Corso/Marco Minghetti) or

71 – 80 – (P.zza di San Claudio)

40 – 46 – 60 – 64 – 70 – 80 – 170 – 716 – 780- 810 – 916 (Sunday only) – H (Piazza Venezia).