Ritratti di Poesia.140 Competition A poem in a tweet

On the occasion of the eleventh annual show Ritratti di Poesia (Portraits of Poetry)», created, promoted and organised by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo in association with InventaEventi S.r.l., the “RITRATTI DI POESIA.140” Competition, which was so successful in the past three years, will be held again.  The show has become a traditional and inevitable cultural rendezvous both for those involved and lovers of this genre in Rome.

Entry to the competition is free of charge and aims to create a convergence between poetry and the direct and concise language used in social media platforms, in particular the Twitter style of communication.

The competition may be entered by submitting an unpublished poetic text, no longer than 140 characters (spaces included), to ritratti.140@libero.it.

The fourth competition includes a section for texts written in Italian and a section for citizens from other European countries who may send the texts in their own language together with, where applicable, a translation into English.

Poems in a tweet may be posted from the 10th October to the 20th December 2016 and will be selected by a jury composed of the poets Maria Borio, Evelina De Signoribus and Tommaso Di Dio.

The winners of each section  (Italian and Foreign) section will be awarded a prize of € 250,00 in cash.

All the texts in the inbox will be published on the ritrattidipoesia.140 twitter page, where the winners will also be announced.

The competition may be followed on the Facebook pages Ritratti di Poesia and InventaEventi, where.

Information concerning the Competition and the Show will also be published on the same Twitter and Facebook pages.

The winners will be contacted by the organiser of the Show, InventaEventi S.r.l, and invited to attend the eleventh annual show Ritratti di Poesia, to be held on Friday the 3rd of February 2017.  Only those attending the event may be proclaimed as winners.

Information and contacts
InventaEventi srl
+39 06 98188901

The competition has be announced in Italian and English on the website.