Lecture on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics delivered by Professor Emanuele

Professor Emmanuele Emanuele, Chairman of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale delivered a lecture on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: The expected new world’ at the Università Europea (European University) of Rome (via degli Aldobrandeschi 190) on the 12th of April at 11 a.m.

The meeting was organised by the Degree Course in Law at the Università Europea of Rome, InnoLawLab Laboratorio di Diritto dell’innovazione and Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale.

Professor Alberto Gambino, the vice-rector and tenured professor of private law at the Università Europea of Rome introduced the conference after the address delivered by the Rector, Father Pedro Barrajón, LC.

Professor Gambino explained that the project aims to offer a valuable contribution to ponder on a highly topical theme like the development of Robotics and AI as global players in the transformation of social life, which will profoundly impact on people and every sphere of human activities.

In an interview with Askanews, Professor Emanuele commented, “The fourth industrial revolution that we are experiencing is faster than the previous ones and has anthropological, cultural, scientific, industrial, social and environmental repercussions.  In particular, with reference to the impact they have and will have on the world of work, on one hand human capital will be replaced by robotic and mechanical capital in many sectors, on the other hand the extensive introduction of hardware and digital and intelligent technologies is actually already generating new activities.  In this scenario, training for young adults plays a crucial role.  Indeed schools, universities and teachers must be able to ensure that students have access to the new skills needed to face the challenges posed by new technologies, beside and not instead of traditional knowledge”.

In this regard, the two-years master’s degree course on Artificial Intelligence, legal, ethical and anthropological profiles, which the Innovation Law Lab (InnoLawLab ) of the Università Europea of Rome will start in autumn with the support of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale was presented during the event.  This master’s degree course aims to offer the knowledge needed to address the issues entailed in the development and dissemination of Artificial Intelligence: the opportunities that could arise in terms of the progress of our society, the risks and new legal issues and, at the same time, the fields in which the need for new rules and regulations is already felt.  The course offers an interdisciplinary, legal, ethical-anthropological and technological approach to Artificial Intelligence in order to train professionals who are capable of guiding the choice of policies of companies and public authorities and supporting the drafting of proposals to access National or EU funding for this theme.

These projects corroborate the productive collaboration between Università Europea of Rome and Fondazione Terzo PiIastro – Internazionale, launched in 2017/2018 through the PhD course “Persona e benessere, fra diritto, etica e psicologia (People and Wellbeing, between law, ethics and psychology”.