Faded History exhibited in the ‘Sudari’ by Colin

Supported for the third year running by Fondazione Cultura e Art, an instrumentality of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, chaired by Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, the opening ceremony of the fourth exhibition of the third season in Visionarea Art Space, was held on the 15th of March 2019. Located on the second floor of the Auditorium Conciliazione, Visionarea Art Space will now hold an exhibition by Gialuigi Colin.

The exhibition includes a corpus of three new monumental works created especially for the exhibition project at Visionarea Art Space in Rome.

Colin’s Sudari (shrouds) are a sequence of abstract works loaded with chromatic strata, striped patterns and painted backgrounds. The peculiarity of this collection lies in is its genesis, which highlights the artist’s personal history and the conceptual roots of his recent research. Gianluigi Colin collects the large sheets used to clean the rotary printing presses from different newspapers. They are actually ‘rotary-paintings’ on sheets of polyester fabric used to symbolically ‘remove’ the text and images from publications.

The exhibited works were created in the chaotic printing world, bearer of memories of days, months and years of information drenched in ink and collective energy. Authentic ‘Rags of words’: Writing Degree Zero.

Gianluigi Colin’s research focuses on the mythology of newspapers, books and culture, reflecting on media systems, working on the dialogue between images and texts and addressing the theme of looking and memory. The artist observes the world from his privileged viewpoint, making history starting from the infinite flow of images from the daily news that stay in readers’ memory having been filtered by the media. The iconographic capital of our present history is the starting point of the investigation that sets aside an ideological reading to focus on the technological transformations that in recent yeas have changed the cognitive processes, representative culture and above all the approach to designing. Therefore, the Sudari exhibition is an entirely new, unexpected and surprising chapter in the career of Gianluigi Colin.

Professor Emanuele, Chairman of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale stated “ As known, a shroud is a burial sheet, yet in this case it is used as a metaphor for a tangible trace o something lost. Gianluigi Colin decided to apply his research on time going by and lurking oblivion to a highly topical and controversial theme: Information. In a liquid society like ours, where everything is rapidly forgotten making way for the new, the remnants of the publishing industry (the inks and colours in which texts and images decay), which Colin impresses on his works, become both a memory and a warning.”

Gianluigi Colin narrates “I have found the symbolic removal of infinite stories, that involves everyone and might lead us to oblivion, in these object trouvé. It is the trace of a bygone era, unexpected witness of the dialogue with the complexity of life. Canvases taken from the heart of the world of cultural production that manifest themselves as the shrouds of our time”.