Fondazione Terzo Pilastro supports development of the city of Nabeul in Tunisia

Fondazione Terzo Pilastro- Italia e Mediterraneo has joined an important project of the Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria (ICU – a non governmental organisation that works in the field of international cooperation, recognised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), to install two photovoltaic power stations in the coastal town of Nabeul in Tunisia including training courses for the management of these and the development of strategic plans for renewable energy.
These power stations will produce part of the energy needed for municipal buildings and the illumination of the city centre and will boost the energy required for water treatment plants, which are indispensible to increase the water resources for agriculture.
In 2015 the Foundation contributed to ICU’s project to introduce training courses for public service workers for the purpose of optimising irrigation systems and the use of wastewater in agriculture in Nabeul, Tunisia.