I ritratti di famiglia di Erica Nyholm

Inaugurata all’Auditorium Conciliazione di Roma la quinta mostra della stagione autunno/inverno 2017 di Visionarea Art Space, la penultima del ciclo a cura di Claudio Composti, realizzate in collaborazione con mc2gallery di Milano, di cui è direttore artistico e co-fondatore insieme a Vincenzo Maccarone.

The Bigiarelli goes to Emanuele, a prize for a great sports passion

An accolade for a long-standing devotee of the Lazio Sports Club and his commitment to sports, initially as an athlete and subsequently as a patron, especially of Paralympic sports.  Such was the meaning of the Luigi Bigiarelli (runner and founder in 1900 of the Lazio Running Club, which subsequently became...

A New Profession for the Future: Culture Manager

Due to the power of numbers (visitors and receipts are constantly growing in Museums), Italy has finally changed its opinion that culture does not pay and has (constructively and far-sightedly) realised that culture is the engine of development and creates jobs.

New light on the Tower of Frederick II (and Enna)

Last Friday, Professor Emanuele F. M. Emanuele moved the large crowd of spectators gathered at the Tower of Frederick II during the opening ceremony of the new artistic lighting when he declared  “My love for this City is infinite and irreversible. Please help me to help Enna”. His woeful speech...

Shared Space by Simon Roberts

The autumn season 2017 in Visionarea Art Space, supported by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo, continues with the first exhibition in Rome of the British artist, Simon Roberts born in 1972, Simon Roberts’s genre of photography could be defined as anthropological.

Paola Crema’s imaginary archaeology celebrates Hadrian the Roman Emperor

On the occasion of the important anniversary of the election of Hadrian as Emperor of Rome (A.D. 117 – 2017), Paola Crema’s exhibition ‘Imaginary Archaeology, curated by the Centro Internazionale Antinoo per l’Arte (Antinoo international centre for art) in association with the Directorate of the Archaeological Park of the Appian...

The “Millennial Generation” exhibition at MAXXI

An exhibition describing millennials produced by young artists, opened on the 25th October.  This is the ‘Generation What?’project whereby MAXXI participates in the second edition of Contemporaneamente Roma, the City council of Rome’s project to support emerging talents.