Sportello della solidarietà

The Sportello della Solidarietà was created for the purpose of encouraging and supporting the accomplishment of social projects based on the values of solidarity, mutual aid, social inclusion and the promotion of underprivileged groups. Non-profit organisations may apply for grants for projects in the following fields:
– Health;
– Scientific Research;
– Aid to the Underprivileged;
– Education and Training;
– Art and Culture.

The Foundation has decided to give priority to the following projects:

  • scientific research concerning rare diseases;
  • socio-medical care for patients and support for their families;
  • youth employment;
  • training courses for the placement of disabled citizens and immigrants;
  • revival and enhancement of arts and crafts.

For information please write to:

sportello1   sportello2   Façade (1) and interior (2) of the Church of San Salvatore in Lauro (Saint Salvatore at the Laurels), Rome.
 The Foundation supported the restoration works.