Women in the new season of the Mediterranean

donneIn the light of the current circumstances in Turkey, the conference has been postponed until autumn.


Istanbul 11 june 2013

The countries on the Mediterranean Sea are currently experiencing profound transformations, the outcome of which is not yet clear. Whereas, despite many difficulties the transition process appears to be outlined in several countries, widespread instability and uncertainty is still to be found in in others. Moreover, the ongoing socio-political transformations are a complex and long-term process. Many challenges are at stake both at domestic and regional levels: the establishment of new political systems, good governance, socio-economic development and job creation, just to mention the most urgent priorities. Nevertheless, this era of turmoil and crisis could turn into a unique opportunity for the Mediterranean countries.
Although women have undoubtedly played a prominent role in the uprisings of many Mediterranean counties, it remains to be seen how their commitment will lead to concrete and long-term progress within patriarchal societies. Therefore, in a changing Mediterranean context the major challenge concerns the way women will be able to influence the current transformations, directing them towards effective reform processes, recognition of equal rights and opportunities at the political, economic and cultural levels.
In this scenario, this Conference offered a platform of analysis, debate and comparison between authoritative representatives of civil society, the economy and culture in Mediterranean countries – especially those in transition – in order to understand the role played by women in the evolution of their societies.

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