The Mediterranean: Gateway to the East

The Mediterranean, cross road and meeting point between the East and the West, culture and religion, art and solidarity.

locandina_porta_oriente_4The growing interest in the Mediterranean proves the central role that this area is acquiring in terms of economy, politics and, above all, culture.

In this picture the Foundation promoted the International Conference “Mediterraneo: Porta d’Oriente” (the Mediterranean: Gateway to the East), held in Palermo on the 13th and 14th May 2010, with the aim of making an original contribution to the ongoing debate by involving experts, academics, business people and men of culture.

The Conference focused on the specific themes that are currently of interest when considering issues related to the Mediterranean, starting from its borders which, as well as including the countries around the shores, are bound to be enlarged to encompass the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Iran, with the idea of a creating a Great Mediterranean, a new gateway to the Middle and Far East.

The instruments brought into play to fight the still widespread poverty and social hardships were also examined, ranging from the extension of solidarity networks to the new Islamic forms of assistance and financial support.

The final debate addressed the role played by culture and art as a channel of integration so as the Mediterranean shall continue to represent, by means of dialogue and comparison, a basin of richness and development for modern society.

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