Aqaba-Eilat: One more step towards Peace

aqabaThe Foundation is involved in the “Aqaba-Eilat: One more step towards Peace” programme promoted by the Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria Onlus, a non profit organization for community work established in 1966 that operates development projects in the South divide.

The aim is to contribute to the peace process in the Middle East by investing in the education of the young generations. The project intended to support and improve dialogue between the communities in Aqaba (Jordan) and Eliat (Israel) through a series of exchange projects involving students of schools in these areas, specifically the Rosary College in Aqaba and the Rabin High Scholl in Eliat.

The project consisted of a three year cycle of activities, including meetings between Arab and Israeli students, various sports, artistic programs and targeted theatrical productions. A joint website contains a forum which allows students to discuss common interests and encourages an understanding of their different views.