Campo_di_calcio_terminato_23-09-2010The Foundation has subsidised the “Education project for the accomplishment of structures and sports activities in Syria for Iraqi refugees in Jaramana”, which was implemented by ICU on the appointment of the Italian Embassy in Damascus, as part of the IRIS emergency programme.
The purpose of ICU is to accomplish projects in the fields of education, cooperation between universities and professional training in order to foster the development of Southern countries and promote support at an international level.
This project aims to build sports facilities and organize activities for boys and girls in Jaramana – located in the greater Damascus metropolitan area – to be used both by the resident Syrians and the entire Iraqi refugee community. The project emphasised how sport is the most suitable and effective means of providing and answer to social hardships, preventing youth deviance and encouraging integration between citizens of different origins and culture, thus fostering social and individual progress.