DEIR MAR MUSA AL HABASHI (The Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian)

al-Hayek_piazza_5_piano_3The Foundation has contributed to the project to build the new wing of the Mar Musa- al Habashi in Syria.
Said contribution has been made through the Italian non-profit association, Khalil Allah-the friend of God, which has the purpose of supporting the activities of the religious and lay persons who belong to the monastic community of ‘al Khalil’.
The association is devoted to fostering harmony between the Christians and Muslims living in the Mediterranean region.
The Syrian-Catholic monastery Mar Musa-al Habashi, also known as the monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian, is situated at a height of 1320 metres in the Qalamun mountain range, 100 km North East of Damascus.
The monastery was built in the sixth century, reconstructed during the eleventh and fifteenth though it went to ruins again in the eighteenth and now operates in three main fields: spiritual life, manual work and hospitality.
Multitudes of visitors and pilgrims stay in the Monastery for weekly training courses and spiritual exercise.
The new wing, started in 1999, now has 35 rooms, a kitchen and a simple meeting room.
The aim of the Syrian monks is to make the Monastery accessible to an increasing number of believers and disabled persons and a lift has been installed in the tower for the purpose.