National research

Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo, formerly Fondazione Roma – Terzo Settore continues the work previously performed by Fondazione Italiana del Volontariato (and by FEO-Fivol between 2007 – 2009), based on a periodic updating of the Voluntary Organisations’ database, studies (seminars, documents) and research on specific themes.

The database was last updated in 2006, when over thirty-five thousand organisations and 1.225.00 volunteers, of which over fifty per cent were regular, were estimated to be operative. The last survey also examined a national sample of 12.685 units. National, regional and local reports on Voluntary Organizations were written.

As in the past, the new Foundation continues to perform in-depth research on Voluntary Organisations working in specific regions on precise themes related to the purposes and fields of involvement of all the clients of the voluntary organisations’ network (CSV,, Consulta Nazionale dei Comitati di Gestione, Osservatorio Nazionale per il Volontariato and National non profit organisations).

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