Wheelchair fencing

The project entitled ‘Wheelchair fencing’ was created by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo, formerly Fondazione Roma – Terzo Settore, in association with the Club Scherma di Roma (Fencing Club of Rome), which has a long tradition in playing and teaching this sport and has been a member of the Italian Paralympic Committee for several years.

The one-year project promotes this sport in rehabilitation hospitals, associations for disabled citizens, institutions and schools and by means of promotional meetings and other activities.

Wheelchair fencing, for athletes with a disability, has been included in the Paralympic Games since they were first held in 1960 and competitions are divided by weapons (foil, sabre, épée) and gender.

The youths who start fencing in the Club are coached by the best instructors, they do not pay membership or competition entry fees and all equipment (uniforms, weapons etc.) is made available free of charge.