IULM Master’s degree course in ‘Management of Artistic and Cultural Resources’

This master’s degree course aims to train qualified managers and professionals in the field of artistic and cultural resources by providing a broad education, including the humanities and social disciplines and the development of specific managerial skills.

The Foundation has placed thirty scholarships at the disposal of students, twenty of which fully cover tuition fees and ten partially cover said fees.

The Master’s degree course is divided into four modules, dedicated respectively to:

  1. Governance and Legislation;
  2. Management and Organisation;
  3. Marketing and Communication;
  4. English or Spanish language.

Lectures are supplemented with seminars on specific topics established from year to year and held by acclaimed professors and experts in the field of cultural heritage management.  Upon completion of the course, ECTS credits are awarded for internships or other activities useful to enter the workforce such as workshops, practice, simulation and others performed for the purpose of acquiring professional knowledge in the sector.  To date eighty public and private national and international organizations have been contacted for the purpose of selecting the students and entering the internship contracts.

Starting from the second edition of the master’s degree course, each student must hold a cultural event to complete the final examination, as requested by the Chairman, Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele.