LUISS Progetto Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Project)

This important project, promoted together with the LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome, enables needy students in the in the Mediterranean region to attend Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses at the LUISS university.  When they have completed the courses, the students may return home and place their new skills at the service of the socio-economic development of their country.

In particular, the project consists in training a class of twenty students from secondary schools in Mediterranean countries (especially Jordan that shelters needy youths from every country in the Mediterranean basin) ensuring that they are admitted to the three year Bachelor’s degree courses, held entirely in the English language, and subsequently the opportunity to attend the two year Master’s degree course at the LUISS University.  When they twenty students have completed the degree course, they will have the basic skills to continue their studies in their homeland and become the managers of the future, on the assumption that culture and knowledge of the principles of finance and business techniques constitute the basis for the revival of the Mediterranean region.

The great challenge that the Progetto Mediterraneo intends to face is to strengthen Euro-Mediterranean political and economic cooperation through a common educational path based on dialogue and cooperation at the highest level of education and research and encouraging meetings between economic operators, institutions, and university representatives in order to create a ruling class aware of the opportunities arising from a greater interaction between the economic, social, cultural and political organisations in the great region (Europe, the Mediterranean region and Eurasia).