Wheelchair fencing

Wheelchair fencing is part of the Foundation’s projects.

The project was planned in association with the Club Scherma di Roma (Fencing Club of Rome), which afforded its facilities and professionalism in order to accomplish this project of high social impact that has allowed disabled athletes to engage in fencing.

The youths who started fencing in the Club were coached by the best instructors, they did not pay membership or competition entry fees and all equipment (uniforms, weapons etc.) was available free of charge.   They also used a minibus, previously purchased during a project managed in association with Fondazione Roma, to travel to the sports facilities with ease.

Since the Italian Paralympic Committee has recognised the club as a training centre for wheelchair fencing, it has scheduled to hold training courses for teachers.

The project was first accomplished in 2009 and, due to the excellent results, has be proposed again for 2010.

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