In scena, diversamente insieme (Differently on stage together)


This project was established by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo, formerly Fondazione Roma – Terzo Settore, in association with Cooperativa Gitiesse Artisti Riuniti, founded in 2007 and directed by Geppy Gleijeses, which currently manages the Teatro Stabile in Calabria and the Teatro Quirino in Rome.

The project led to the creation of three Theatrical Workshops attended by citizens from social groups at high risk of exclusion such as prisoners and disabled and senior citizens. Hence, this purpose of this project was to socially include defenceless citizens through an artistic expression and the production of dramas staged in the Teatro Quirino in 2010: Journey to the Island of Sakhalin by Cecov, Love’s Labour’s Lost by Shakespeare and Woyzeck-tango inspired by Büchner’s play Woyzeck.

The project was based on the perception that drama could be especially therapeutic since it fosters self-awareness and enables individuals to release energy and discover unexpected ways of expressing themselves through social interaction.