Reappraisal of Sicilian artistic handicrafts related to the production of coral artefacts, jewels, lace and embroidery

By means of this project, promoted by the Società Cooperativa Sociale Donne e Cultura Mediterranea and supported by the Foundation, a vocational workshop has been created for the production of handicrafts.

The reappraisal of traditional Sicilian artistic handicrafts project entailed the integration of nations since it was joined by women from various countries. Sicily boasts a priceless historical, artistic and cultural heritage, with particular regard to the craftsmanship that developed in the island. The activities mainly concerned the production of artefacts in coral, ivory and precious metals as well as soft goods such as embroidery and lace.

One of the aims of this project supported by the Foundation was the placement of Sicilian and non European Union (Maghreb) women into the workforce. The project ran from July 2009 to June 2010.

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