The Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma

The Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma held concerts in the 27th edition of the International Festival of Symphonic Music in El Jem, Tunisia.

This eagerly awaited event is held annually in a Roman Amphitheatre modelled on the Coliseum of Rome which holds 35.000 spectators and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979, making the small town of El Jem famous worldwide.

Supported by the Foundation, on the 7th July 2012 the Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma performed two of the best known and most majestic symphonies of the 19th century, Beethoven’s 7th and Dvorak’s 9th whereas on the 14th July it played Tchaikovsky’s 6th and Beethoven’s 5th.

During the 2012 Festival concerts were also held by the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra, the Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and the Orchestre Symphonique Scolaire Universitaire.