Religion and Philanthropy

immigrazione_cittadinanza1A virtual exhibition of symbols, objects and the religious and philanthropic practices of countries in the Mediterranean region called ‘Religions and Philanthropy in the Mediterranean: artefacts, symbols and culture’ established, with the support of the Foundation, by the Dipartimento di Discipline Storiche of the University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum” is part of the Foundation’s activities aimed at encouraging the development of Art and intercultural dialogue.

The results obtained in the research laboratory of the Master in International Studies in Philanthropy (MISP)” were the starting point for this project. The purpose of the virtual exhibition is to stimulate the investigation of philanthropy, religions and the history of art and architecture by comparing Islamic, Christian and Jewish cultures traced back to the common waterway of Mediterranean civilization.

Moreover, the virtual exhibition will enable the experts involved in the investigation to develop networking strategies and the results, to be published online, may be accessed by the general public.