JULIO LARRAZ – Of the sea, air and other stories


8th MARCH– 8th JUNE 2014

This solo exhibition of works by Julio Larraz, held in the Puglisi Cosentino Foundation, Catania, was promoted and curated by the Foundation and organized by Civita Sicilia in association with the Contini Gallery of Art (Venice and Cortina d’Ampezzo). Approximately one hundred works by this master were shown in a chronological itinerary which, starting from 1975 with paintings such as “The Giant” and “Finisterre”, followed his artistic career through the nineteen eighties (“El padre de la Patria Nueva”, “Cushing Maine”), the nineteen nineties (“Hunter in the Snow”) up to recent times with a series of paintings produced exclusively for this event that have never been exhibited before (“Grandpa”, “I Could Have Been a Contender”, “Landing Party” and “A Rendezvous with Homer”). The exhibition title was drawn from the latter painting, which was inspired by the idea that painting is a visual narrative linked both to oral traditions and literature. The bronze sculptures should not be overlooked, a medium the artist discovered and has continued to use since 2007.