Great Coral Masterpieces XVII and XVIII century coral artefacts from Trapani

Corallo_2Supported by the Foundation, Great Coral Masterpieces. XVII and XVIII century coral artefacts from Trapani was opened on the 2nd March 2012 in Palazzo Valle, Catania. Refined jewels, religious objects, amulets, jewellery cases, gorgeous cabinets, miniature games tables and furnishings, mirrors, small artefacts and statues were exhibited in this building, icon of Catania’s baroque. Most of the works came from the collections of the Banco Popolare di Novara, the Museo Pepoli in Trapani, the Galleria Regionale in Palazzo Abatellis, the Museo Diocesano in Palermo, the Fondazione Whitaker, the Museo Diocesano of Monreale, the Museo della Cattedrale in Piazza Armerina, the Museo Regionale in Messina, the Parrocchia di San Francesco di Paola in Palermo and the Chiesa del Gesù, again in Palermo, also know as the Casa Professa.

The exhibition was open in Catania until the 5th May and then travelled to the Museo Pepoli in the former Convento dell’Annunziata in Trapani, from the 18th May to the 30th June 2013.