L’ARTE ANIMALIER NEL ’900 ITALIANO. PITTORI E SCULTORI ALLA CORTE DI DIANA (Animalier art in twentieth century italy. Painters and Sculptors at Diana’s court)

24th April 2007- 27th May 2007

This exhibition aimed to appreciate hunting from an artistic and cultural point of view through the works of some of the most important ‘animalier’ artists of the twentieth century in Italy, such as the painter, illustrator and naturalist, Roberto Lemmi, and the sculptor and ceramist, Guido Cacciapuoti.

The selection of works formed an extensive exhibition of paintings and sculptures of this genre, which over the past century has clearly represented the relationship between man, the countryside, outdoor leisure and the living and vital culture of naturalism on a human scale.

The exhibition was curated by
Massimo Cacciapuoti
Simonella Condemi
Giuliano Incerpi

Catalogue, Editoriale Olimpia